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> function as a subset type.  Constant functions are naturally 0-ary,
> and in C culture tend to be uppercase anyway.  So arguably, we could
> have a rule or policy that 0-ary functions are generally uppercase,
> not just the constant ones.  Instead of time, we'd have Time.
> Then the 0-or-1-ary functions could be rand(42) vs Rand, and the Rand
> form would never look for an argument.  Defining a

I'm not convinced that this holds, as Rand isn't constant, whereas the C
uppercase convention applies to constants. Also, the C convention tends to
be all-caps, unless I've mis-understood which convention you're referring to.

>     sub baz ($x?) {...}
> would also define
>     sub Baz () {...}
> Have to think about that some more, though.  Could also say that,

Presumably it's titlecase rather than uppercase.
This doesn't introduce any interesting ambiguities, does it?
IIRC the "fun" stuff involves lowercase and Greek letter sigma following
something, which therefore isn't relevant here.

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