On Sat, May 13, 2006 at 04:34:19PM -0500, Jonathan Scott Duff wrote:
> Apparently it's my lot in life to think about dbdi once a year
> as it was almost exactly 1 year ago that I asked the following:
> 1. Is this list alive?
> 2. Is anyone working on the dbdi?
> So, consider this my annual ping on the subject. Only now I've got a
> third question:
> 3. What can your average programmer-type person do to help?
> I understand that parrot maturity was a a bit of a problem before, but
> maybe it's far enough along now that isn't a problem?

It's certainly a lot further, and so is Pugs and thus Perl 6.

On Sat, May 13, 2006 at 06:21:26PM -0700, Darren Duncan wrote:
> I don't know whether it was meant to replace dbdi-dev@perl.org or 
> not, but there is a newer dbi2-dev@perl.org list now that you may 
> want to check out.

'DBDI' relates to the interface to db drivers that's 'underneath' the
DBI (and similar db abstraction layers). The idea is that Parrot needs
something like DBDI so all the languages targeting Parrot can share db

'DBI2' relates to evolving the DBI API. Initially to redesign the API,
but now with a new interim mission...

> That said, it has next to no traffic as well; waiting for something, I 
> presume.

Real Life (tm), in the form of a new baby, and $work have hampered by
ability to devote time to these activities.

That's partly why I added the following idea to The Perl Foundation's Summer of 
project list (http://www.perl.org/advocacy/summerofcode/ideas.html):

  Reimplement the DBI v1 API in Pugs
  Design an implementation of the DBI API in Perl 6 using Pugs.
  The goal is to maintain the familiar DBI API while radically refactoring
  the internals to make best use of Perl 6 and so enable greater
  functionality and extensibility. (Likely mentor: Tim Bunce)

Trying to come up with both a new architecture and a new API was too much.
A great deal can be achieved by radically refactoring the internals
while keeping the same old API (i.e. don't move the goal posts).
I'm sure a new API will naturally emerge from this work, but it won't be
the primary goal.

I'm delighted to say that Szilakszi Bálint has submitted a proposal
and it looks like it'll be accepted (on May 23rd) and I'll be the mentor.
Audrey is keen to help, which is a big plus.

So, we're about to have a fire lit under us when Bálint gets going and
needs design input!

I think the dbi2-dev mailing list is the best place for most discussion
related to this, though some Perl 6 issues may need input from perl6-language.


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