G'day Conrad and P6ers,

My apology for this being a very brief note.  I'm on an interstate training
assignment until the end of the week, and I'm scrounging net access where I can.

Conrad Schneiker wrote:


> Their posted policies, FAQ, and (http://perl.net.au/wiki/PerlNet:About),
> seem to be very favorably inclined to serving the purposes of recent Perl 6
> Wiki proposals made on comp.perl6.lang and comp.perl6.users. (I've cc'd
> their contact on this note.)

As one of the PerlNet admins, I'd be delighted if PerlNet was used to assist in
any Perl 6 development, discussions, or other activities.  PerlNet exists to
provide support for the Perl community, and if there's anything I can do to make
it more suitable to help the Perl 6 effort, then I'd be very happy to do my best
to make it happen.

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