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Conrad Schneiker skribis 2006-05-25  1:46 (-0700):
> Juerd wrote:
> > Feather, the semi-public, semi-private, Perl 6 development server, is
> > available to host a Perl 6 wiki.
> > The hostname is deliberately kept available for something
> > like that.
> Does that mean you are willing to be the one to set up a Perl 6 Wiki and
> administer it? (Preferably using perl5 wiki software, so that the Perl 6
> Wiki could be available as soon as possible?) If so, how much more
> encouragement do you need to proceed?

Willing, certainly. Lacking tuits, that too.

I could set up wiki software in a few minutes, but then, so could anyone
else. Personally, I think this shouldn't be rushed: there are lots of
wikis, and typically they're incompatible in terms of syntax and

Also, I'd really love a Perl 6 wiki written in Perl 6 itself. Revision
control can be outsourced to svn, leaving practically only a small bit
of HTTP and wikitext parsing. However, this is still too much work for
me to handle at this moment.

The concept of feather is that I provide hardware, and system
administration, and that others can then use that. Feather is very
actively used, and it'd be nonsense to assume that everything on it is,
or should be, done by me. I actively avoid getting involved too much,
because I know that I won't be able to handle things as they expand.

Feather was donated exactly because I wanted to do something for Perl 6
volunteers, without needing to spend much time, because I don't have
that much time to spend on computing, because of personal circumstances.

> > As a competing suggestion, how about...
> >
> Very interesting. But did you look at it? :-) I found this on the home page
> link target:

I know, and have contributed to, the Pugs wiki. If I may note: I don't
like kwiki syntax, and much prefer a mediawiki-like syntax.

> I'd thought of that, but there's always the background issue of moderation
> and control. (We definitely want the Perl 6 Wikipedia page to link to "our"
> Perl 6 Wiki, of course.) I don't think Wikipedia is (at present) a suitable
> forum for semi-controversial topics. Language advocacy / competitive
> marketing is a highly contentious and emotional religious issue for many
> people, and we certainly want perl6 people to feel free to indulge in
> (reasonably civil) unbridled advocacy of all things perl6. 


> Feather has the powerful future marketing advantage that it can also be used
> to develop and then host a showcase Perl 6 implementation of the Perl 6
> Wiki. However, I think that we should initially *begin* with a solid and
> proven Perl 5 wiki implementation that we can use *immediately*. If we could
> do this, then this would be my first preference. 

Beginning with a Perl 5 wiki, with lots of features, and migrating to a
Perl 6 wiki later, means you have to support all of the 5-wiki's
features for compatibility. That may not be a great plan, as a huge
stack of functional requirements makes creative programming less
interesting, and it may then never happen.

If nobody is able to spend a day on a simple Perl 6 wiki today, why
would they be able to spend *several* days on a backwards compatible
wiki later?


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