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I am toying around with Parrot and the compiler tools. The documenation
of Perl 6 grammars that I have been able to find only describe rule. But
the grammars in Parrot 0.4.4 for punie and APL use rule, token and regex

Can someone please clarify the difference between these three types, and
when you should use one or the other?

i'm forwarding this to p6l, as it's a language question and probably
best asked there. that said, the regex/token/rule change is a recent
one, and is documented in S05

in particular, see the "Regexes really are regexes now" section, which
describes the differences. also, there are some recent threads on p6l
with regard to this topic, which you may find enlightening. you can
find these via google groups, or some other nntp archive.

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