Quick question, is there a syntax specified in Perl 6 for referring to namespaces from other languages?

I'm reviewing the namespaces PDD and want to update this snippet:
IMPLEMENTATION EXAMPLES: Suppose a Perl program were to import some Tcl module with an import pattern of ``c*'' -- something that might be expressed in Perl 6 as use tcl:Some::Module 'c*'. This operation would import all the commands that start with 'c' from the given Tcl namespace into the current Perl namespace. This is so because, regardless of whether 'c*' is a Perl 6 style export pattern, it is a valid Tcl export pattern.

{XXX - Is the ':' for HLL approved or just proposed? Somebody familiar with Perl 6 please fix the example in the preceding paragraph to use the currently planned syntax for importing modules from other languages.}


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