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> Sent: Saturday, July 08, 2006 6:05 PM
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> Subject: S29 update ready
> I've gathered my ducks in a row, used the feedback that I've gotten so
> far, and I think I'm ready to officially update S29. For that I need two
> things:
> 1) I'd really like Larry to glance over the changes and $s29.bless but
> all comments are welcome
> 2) I'll need commit rights to whatever repository is authoritative for
> Functions.pod these days
> Here is the current version (I've added chr and ord docs now):
>     http://www.ajs.com/svn/ajs/perl6/Functions.pod
> If anyone has any comments at all, please send me mail or respond to the
> list. I'll try to address everything I can.
> This is the first big update. There will be more if this all goes well.

I have one minor comment about join.  You should specify its behavior when
it is passed an empty list.  Does it return undef or the empty string?

Joe Gottman      

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