There's a bit at the end of the current S29:

 =item A/S??: OS Interaction

I've taken on a few of these, and in doing so found that I was making
some assumptions. I'd like to share those and see if they make sense:

      * POSIX will be a low-level module that slavishly reproduces the
        POSIX interfaces as closely as possible (perhaps moreso than
        Perl 5)
      * OS, or whatever we call the core OS interaction module, will
        have an interface which is entirely driven by Perl 6 and may not
        resemble POSIX much at all.
      * OS will use POSIX to implement its functionality, so only POSIX
        need know how to get at the lowest level.

Will that be reasonable? Am I stomping on anything?

I'm writing up both an example implementation and an API for OS,
starting with the support needed for getpw just as an arbitrary example,
and trying to feel out where the line between S29 and that document
are.... There's some overlap, but I want to keep it minimal.

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