Am Mittwoch, 26. Juli 2006 03:18 schrieb Ruud H.G. van Tol:
> Thomas Wittek schreef:

> >
> > What I wanted to say is that it would annoy me, if almost all
> > operators and control-flow keywords are lowercase but a hand full of
> > them has to be written uppercase.


I suppose the above is a statement, true for quite a number of hackers.

>   returnif $something, $foo ;
>   return.if $something, $foo ;
>   $something and return $foo ;

From all appended characters suggested so far, the comma seems to be the most 
natural notation and that is big part of what Perl was to me in past:

Making programming as natural in terms of expressing language as possible.

So in my eyes,

do { $ },
        until $Day.letsCallItA();

return $Change, unless $Payment == $Price;


loop {

, while $TheresStuffToDo;

seems to be the most natural change in syntax, if 
$WeReallyWantToAvoidTheBackslash ;)

I'm afraid though, it is also the most nasty one for parser-developers as you 
cannot tell the difference between this and an expression very early...


Regards and many thanks for making Perl6!!!

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