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> Of course, we could use the Email::Abstract interface as a base-
> class to all email related modules, but you know that this wouldn't
> work for the Perl community...

Actually I'd like to expand on this.

There are two problem with your solution, that are not community

The first is that this is no different from using the role
Email::Abstract or whatever it'll be in the classes. Roles can be
abstract, too.

The second is the issue i raised though - when It's too difficult to
put together two (or more) abstract roles (or base classes) in the
same class, you may declare how to do all of them in a conflicting
way. That is you can be both Email::Abstract and
Email::Abstract::Better, even though they define different
interfaces by simply declaring that you cannot be both of them at
the same time, and whoever is invoking the methods must explicitly
say which behavior it prefers.

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