At 5:25 PM -0700 8/8/06, Darren Duncan wrote:
I'm wondering if it would not be inappropriate to change the name Str to something more descriptive of its content within the historical or current wider context.

For example, would the name Text be any worse? In my mind, that is less ambiguous and specifies a string of characters rather than a string of bytes.

Following a discussion on #perl6 just now with several people, ...,Wed&sel=170#l307

... I have evolved my thoughts to accept that Str is a good-enough name for something that is strictly defined as a sequence of unicode characters, and won't continue to recommend strongly that it be renamed to something else like Text.

This isn't to say that I actually disagree with my proposal, but rather that the momentum in the industry has a majority using the name "string" for character sequences, and it isn't actually terrible.

So I'll drop this matter and attend to frying other fish instead.

Good day. -- Darren Duncan

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