Some object types can behave as value types.  Every object can produce
 a "safe key identifier" (C<SKID> for short) that uniquely identifies the
-object for hashing and other value-base comparisons.  Normal objects
+object for hashing and other value-bases comparisons.  Normal objects

I'm glad you "fixed" this typo.

+no explicit call to C<MAIN> was performed by the time the mainline code

I don't see a purpose for this.  Isn't it better to have a simple,
predictable call at the end of the program regardless?  If a module
wants to call MAIN differently, it can use .wrap.

+If C<MAIN> is declared as a method, the name of the invoked
+program is passed as the "invocant".

What a hack.  Please don't do that.


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