Just to avoid repeating some of the discussion, here's a link to #perl6:


The discussion goes on and off for most of the rest of the page,
so you probably want to search for and highlight "todo" if you're
using firefox.

Anyway, we thrashed the internal/external question pretty hard,
and the rough consensus was to leave todos with the tests for now,
but move to a todo() function that is easy to isolate, visually
if nothing else.  My own take on it is that we can just define the
"official" tests to be the parts outside of todo() calls for now.

But Jerry raises a lot of good questions that need to be answered over
the long haul.  Certainly by the time we have a real 6.0 we'll need to
have worked out the policy and polity issues.  For now, my gut feeling
is that we'll need at least four times as many tests as we have so far,
and rapid test development is best served by exercising the least amount
of control.  Trying to lock it down too early will simply stall the
process for most of the million monkeys who are currently writing tests.
Version control is our best friend here, at least for now.  Trouble
tickets are probably premature unless they're *very* lightweight.

Well, that's my 2ยข or so.


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