On 8/17/06, Mark J. Reed <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Where can I find a pod2html that groks the p6 version of POD?   I want
to format my fresh-from-svn copies of the doc...

If you mean the POD files of perl 6 synopses, then pod2html only lacks
the support for the "=encoding" directive.

On my (Win32) machine, there's a build.bat to generate HTML from all
the synopses. It looks like this:

   call podhtm -s Active.css *.pod
   grep -P "text/html; charset=gb2312" *.html | subs "gb2312" "UTF-8"
   del *.tmp

where podhtm is a wrapper around a pod2html and subs is a text
substitution utility written by myself.

And there're also an online HTML version of the Perl 6 Spec:


This version automatically updates from the SVN repository every few hours.

Hope these help.


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