On 8/17/06, Darren Duncan wrote:
At 11:16 PM -0600 8/16/06, David Green wrote:
I just want [1,2] to be === to [1,2], or [1,2, [EMAIL PROTECTED] to be equal to [1,2, [EMAIL PROTECTED] but !=== [1,2, [EMAIL PROTECTED] -- eqv won't work in the latter case (regardless of Seq vs. Array -- I didn't think it made a difference here).
Since you are wanting to compare two mutable Array, just use the eqv operator, which will do everything you want in a terse and easy to understand manner.

No, look at the example I've been using. Two arrays (1, 2, [EMAIL PROTECTED]) and (1, 2, [EMAIL PROTECTED]) clearly have different (unevaluated) contents. "eqv" only tells me whether they have the same value (when @x and @y are evaluated). That's a different question -- yes, it's the more common question, but I think the comparison I want to make is just as reasonable as ===, except there's no easy way to do it.


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