On Fri, Aug 18, 2006 at 12:56:30PM +0300, Markus Laire wrote:
: What about combined short switches like C<-abc> to mean C<-a -b -c>?
: Will perl6 support this notation or not?

Hmm, that opens up a world of hurt.  Either you have to distinguish a
--abc from -abc, or you have to have some kind of fallback heuristic,
and it doesn't work terribly well with arguments in any case except
for the final one.  Should probably make it possible, just because the
external interface is one of the places where Perl has always tried
to be accommodating to existing culture rather than revisionist.
We can probably work something out here, along the lines of:

    if there's only one -
    if single character aliases are defined
    if the word matches that alphabet
    if the word doesn't match any longer names

At first I was inclined to say that if there's a *% then all the
unrecognized go in there and you can parse the -abc yourself, but
that doesn't tell you how to treat the next argument unless we look
at the definition of -c anyway.  We can't just say that -c's arg
must use the -c=arg form, since even Perl 5 violates that with -e.  :/


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