I found your rant a bit long on vehemence and short on coherence,
Luke, but if I understand you correctly, your complaint is that this
is finite:

@finite_list >>=><< @infinite_list

while, according to S03, this is long:

@short_list >>=><< @long_list

e.g. q(a b) >>=><< (1,2,3,4) would return (a=>1, b=>2, undef=>3, undef=>4).

I agree that is a logical contradiction.  Either the first should be
infinite, or the second should be short.

But I still don't understand your expressed incredulity about xx *.  I
think it's perfectly clear what that means.  Fpr example, $foo xx *
creates a(n infinite) list which contains $foo at every position no
matter how high a position you ask for . . .


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