> From my early conversations with Larry, I recall that the reason is that
> RSTS/E BASIC-PLUS had nested trailing modifiers, and both Larry and I saw
> many abuses of these over the years.  Therefore, he decided not to repeat
> that abomination, limiting it to precisely one level deep.  I'm happy for
> that.

Thank you.  This is the sort of answer I was looking for.

> Yeah, every once in a while, I've wanted the second layer, but I'm willing
> to rewrite the statement as a true normal if/while instead of a backwards
> if/while, and it *does* help the overall readability.

I'd concede that the actual useful uses are rare enough to not warrant giving 
a feature that could turn hopelessly ugly quickly - even if the current 
generation of tools make it easy to add the feature.


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