On 8/17/06, Larry Wall <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I'd say 01234 on the theory that the 3-arg loop is really saying:

    $n = 0;
    while $n < 5 {
        NEXT { ++$n }
        NEXT { print $n }

and also on the theory that block exiting blocks always run in reverse order.

Dear Larry, I think it's important enough to explicitly express this
rule in S04 after the following IRC conversation with Audrey:

 <agentzh> audreyt: do multiple NEXT {} run in the reversed order?
 <audreyt> I don't know, actually.
 <audreyt> I don't have a clear intuision of what makes sense.
 <agentzh> larry once said on p6l that quitting blocks should run in
reversed order.
 <audreyt> I read that too. thing is, is NEXT quitting or entering...
 <audreyt> I can argue either way eloquently, which means it's best deferred to
                TimToady, sorry :)


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