Darren Duncan wrote:
>> Perhaps, but then Junctions might not assume elements have equality or
>> identity operations defined.
> As I recall, every type in Perl 6 has an equality and identity 
> operation defined because the Object superclass provides one.  If 
> nothing else, the type's equality and identity are the same as =:= 
> and .WHERE.

Ok, seems reasonable.

>>  and that would
>> also have the side effect of making creating a junction an O(N^2) operation.
> Not if the type uses a hash-like index internally; then creating a 
> junction (or set) is more like O(N).

Oh, yes, good point.

>> I think that the S06 definition needs re-wording.  It's more like a Bag
>> than a Set AIUI.
> I don't know what part you are reading, but the list of types that I 
> see says that a Junction is "Sets with additional behaviours".

We're on the same page. It's just not the way that any of the prototypes
have behaved to date.


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