>From an IRC conversation earlier today:

A quick scan of S05 reveals definitions for these seven special named 
  <before pattern>
  <after pattern>

Twenty-four more are listed in docs/Perl6/Overview/Rule.pod (some of which are 
used in S05, but I don't think there are definitions).
  <!XXX>  # not sure if this counts

Additionally, in t/regex/from_perl6_rules/stdrules.t there is one I didn't 
notice elsewhere, but appears to be implemented in Pugs:

As far as I can tell, this yields a total of 31 or 32 special named assertions. 
 I'm sure if I have missed any obvious ones, someone will speak up.  Some have 
passing tests, some have failing tests, and some have no tests.

Does it make sense to have a single place in S05 where all the builtin special 
named assertions are defined?  It would make it easier to link the tests, and 
to tell the difference between examples like <moose> and builtins like <ident>.

Last, but not least, should any of these be crossed off the list?


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