Aaron Sherman wrote:
TSa wrote:
> Miroslav Silovic wrote:
>> package Foo does FooMultiPrototypes {
>> ...
>> }
> I like this idea because it makes roles the central bearer of type
> information.

Type information is secondary to the proposal, but I'll run with what
you said.

This (the example, above) is a promise made by a class to meet its own

Actually, it's a promise made by a package (not a class) to meet the
specification given by a role (which can, and in this case probably
does, reside in a separate file - quite likely one heavily laced with
POD).  Specifically, the role states which subroutines the package
must define, including the signatures that they have to be able to
support.  IOW, it defines what the package is required to do, as
opposed to what the package is forbidden from doing (as your proposal
does).  If I'm understanding the idea correctly, you write the package
role as a file, hand it to the programmer, and tell him to produce a
package that does the role.

Jonathan "Dataweaver" Lang

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