Audrey (>), Carl (>>):
> Has this been settled or addressed off-list?

'fraid not yet...

Ah. So Warnock applies.

(Side note: when I first read "Warnock applies" on things in p6
summaries a year or so ago, I thought it was some really energetic
programmer who went around and applied patches as soon as people posed
a question. Turned out that wasn't the case...)


> Because from my perspective as one who has never used P6 rules for
> anything
> in particular, but who in the future most likely will, the proposed
> semantics seems a lot saner and more useful. It'd be sad to let pass
> this opportunity to fix (what from my perspective appears to be) a
> shortcoming of the rule semantics.

*nod* The lack of .from/.to is merely an annoyance, but the spaced-out
stringification is really, really surprising with /<foo>+/.

Do you have a short snippet to illustrate this?


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