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> I'm not sure if I have seen this requested or discussed.

This was definitively rejected by Larry in 2002:

perhaps a sentence to that effect belongs in S04, which has no mention
of nested statement modifiers, for or against.

Well, that's because Synopses at least in theory only refer to changes from Perl 5. Perl 5 doesn't allow more than one statement modifier, and Perl 6 doesn't either.

In Perl 5, it's:

  sub {sub {print 1 if 1}->() if 1}->() if 1;

In Perl 6, that's simplified to:

  {{say 1 if 1}.() if 1}.() if 1;

Since expressions can always be a closure wrapped around a statement, any statement can always be an expression.

Of course, that wasn't exactly what you were asking, but it does present a practical solution when you want to:

        {say $_ for =<>}.() if $do_read_input;

Which I just verified works fine under current pugs.

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