Aaron Sherman wrote:

Proposal: A sigil followed by [...] is always a composer for that type.

    %[...]    - Hash. Unicode: ⦃...⦄
    @[...]    - Array. Unicode: [...]


I left out ::, which is probably a mistake. Part of the elegance of this, IMHO, is that it behaves the same for all sigils. The body of :: should probably be a capture whose invocant (required) is a type name:

        ::[Foo: 1,2,:x<3>,:y<4>]

Which is identical to:


Unicode for that seems like overkill, but if we needed it, ⦗...⦘ would suffice. Thus:

        ⦗Foo: 1,2,:x<3>,:y<4>⦘

That gives me the visual sense that something big and heavy is being created ;-)

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