On Mon, Oct 30, 2006 at 08:09:56AM -0800, Richard Liu wrote:
>   I am new to the Perl language. As a university student, I want to
>   use perl to build some codes to work as tracing and automatic
>   analysing tool with my data file in Linux environment. Could you
>   kindly teach me which IDE tools should I use (freeware and shareware
>   better :-) ) and what kind of debugger tools should I go through.
>   Any comments are truly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Hi Richard!  This mailing list is for discussion and development of
the Perl6 language.  Since this language is still being designed, you
probably want to know about Perl5 resources.  A good place to start
would be http://learn.perl.org/.  Also, you might want to try on IRC.
There's #perl on the freenode network and #perlhelp on efnet.

hope this helps,

Jonathan Scott Duff <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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