Jonathan Lang writes:

> Smylers wrote:
> > Richard Hainsworth writes:
> > 
> > > When does the specification of perl6 come to an end?
> > 
> > At a guess: when it's implemented.
> > 
> > Many of the recent changes have been made by Larry in response to his
> > trying to write the grammar, and encountering problems.
> With all due respect:
> Once the grammar is written, what's left to do in terms of finalizing
> the Perl 6.0 specification?

Yeah, that's why I said "implemented" then immediately referred to
writing the grammar, purposefully fudging exactly what level of being
implemented is needed!

> Surely we don't need to wait for the Perl 6 implementors to finish
> their work before declaring 6.0 to be fully specified (and getting on
> with the business of working on 6.1 features)?

Maybe.  The tricky bit is being sure that there isn't an awkward spot in
there somewhere which nobody notices until encountering it when trying
to run programs.  It could be foolish to be in a position where Perl 6
hasn't yet been released but problem with it can't be addressed because
the spec has already been frozen.


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