AFAICT, there's nothing in the documentation to explain how one would
define a statement or operator with syntax along the lines of "if ...
else ..." or "... ?? ... :: ..."  Admittedly, the only cases I know of
where this is still an issue are the two listed above: for statements,
all other perl 5 parallels have been replaced by the use of closure
traits; and the operator listed above is the only more-than-binary
operator that I've ever heard of which uses different delimiters.
That said, for the sake of future customization, it would be nice to
have a way to do these things.  (Or is this what macros are for?)

In the latter case, I find myself thinking about expanding on
"infix:<>" to allow for a list of tokens, much like "circumfix:<>"

 infix:<?? ::> ($condition, $true, $false) #< $condition ?? $true :: $false >

...and I'm wondering if something like this could be done in the
former case as well:

 statement_control:<if else> ($condition, &true, &false?) #< if
$condition { ... } else { ... } >

Although this wouldn't cleanly handle an "if ... elsif ... elsif ...
else ..." statement.

Jonathan "Dataweaver" Lang

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