We're splitting off the Parrot project manager role from the Perl 6 project manager role, to make better use of the time and energy of available volunteers. Will "Coke" Coleda has graciously agreed to take on the PM responsibilities for Parrot, and Jesse Vincent will continue as PM for Perl 6. Many thanks to both of them for their hard work both past and future.

On a somewhat related note, Chip has been very much absorbed by work and life of late, and talking to him on the phone today we both felt it would be best to let everyone know he's officially on sabbatical for a while. He plans to return as soon as possible. We've spread much of the pumpking's responsibilities across the release managers, and any development questions will be redirected to the architect. I'm impressed at how the Parrot team has handled losing the contributions of a core member, rerouted around the loss, and kept growing. My thanks to all of you.

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