On February 27th Darren Duncan writes:

> At 4:45 PM +0000 2/27/07, Nicholas Clark wrote:
> > > 4.  rename():
> > rename is a Perl 5 builtin.

> I see this situation as being similar to Dog.bark() vs Tree.bark();

The difference is that those are methods.  Having different objects
which have identically named methods is very different from having a
built-in function which performs multiple, but very different, tasks
based on its arguments.

> One common usage scenario, of relational-join in particular, is doing
> operations on tabular data, where you want to know something that
> involves matching up columns in several tables.
> <Snip excellent example>

I've seen lots of programs that do things like that.  But by a long way
it's far more common to have the data tables in a database and use SQL
for the joining than for the data to be elsewhere, such that SQL can't
be used and it has to be read into Perl data structures for doing the

DBI is a module, not a core part of the Perl language.  I think it would
be odd for Perl 6 to have core support for these operations when most
users would use DBI instead.

For people doing data processing that requires this functionality I
don't see why loading a module would be too much of a burden.

> In conclusion, I consider functionality like relational-join to
> provide considerable conciseness to very common data processing
> operations

Are there Cpan modules in existence for doing this kind of thing in Perl


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