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> +So these are in sorted version order:
> +
> +
> +    1.2.1_01
> +    1.2.1_2
> +    1.2.1_003
> +    1.2.1a1
> +    1.2.1.alpha1
> +    1.2.1b1
> +    1.2.1.beta1
> +    1.2.1.gamma
> +    1.2.1α1
> +    1.2.1β1
> +    1.2.1γ
> +    1.2.1

The paragraph above this should explain why the last line (missing a
last part) sorts to the end.  I'm assuming the intent is so that
pre-releases sort before final releases, we just need to specify that
intent as part of the sort definition.

Debian has crazy version numbers that we can use to test the
completeness of our sorting definition.  For example, here's one I
noticed in this morning's Etch updates:


How do symbols (especially + and -, but don't forget others) sort?  UTF8
sorting?  And do they introduce new fields?

And of course, there's epoch notation:


Will we handle version epochs, and if so, how?  At first I thought "Just
push this into the auth field" and then I wondered "What if cpan:DCONWAY
decides to change numbering plan on one of his own modules?"


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