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I'd like to suggest an idea for *someone else* to submit a proposal for:

Heh, hoping for someone with tuits to bite, eh?  :-)

As part of the work on DBI2 I want to create a Perl API that closely
matches the JDBC API.

I need a tool that can parse the java .h files that that define the JDBC
and generate roughly equivalent Perl 6 (roles etc).

I notice that this file (and all of the others I looked at) say at the  top:

// DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE - it is machine generated -*- c++ -*-

So, perhaps it's not the .h files we should be parsing, but whatever source
files were used to generate them.  Though, of course, some C++-to-Perl6 tool
would be a good thing too.  :-)

Jonathan Scott Duff

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