Randal and I are starting work on "Learning Perl 6", and now
that I've completed a lot of other things, I can actually start
paying attention to Perl 6. Here's the first of my stupid, "where
have you been for the past 2 years you moron" questions. :)

I'm working on the chapter on I/O (Chapter 5 in the current Llama), 
specifically reading from the command lines files.

Under the section "The for Statement" in S04, it says that the diamond

   while( <> ) { ... } 
becomes in Perl 6

   for =$*ARGS { ... }
In the Pugs I have (6.2.13 (r15868) on Intel darwin), =$*ARGS only
reads the lines from the first file in @ARGS. I don't see this idiom
used anywhere else in the tests or examples, either.

The $*ARGS variable shows up in this file, which looks like it's still 


but that points to another variable list that it says is more
complete, although it does not list $*ARGS:


Is this something that's not yet implemented or just broken? Am I
missing some documentation about parts that aren't implemented yet?

I wrote a test to put into t/builtin/io (once I remember my password),
but since I haven't committed anything to pugs before, I want to ensure
it's not me being stupid. :)

Also, along with that, is there any counterpart to Perl 5's $ARGV? I
wanted to record the files =$*ARGS went through, but I didn't see a way
to discover that.

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