On Fri, Apr 27, 2007 at 08:46:04AM -0700, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> +The matches are guaranteed to be returned in left-to-right order with
> +respect to the starting positions.  The order within each starting
> +position is not guaranteed and may depend on the nature of both the
> +pattern and the matching engine.  (Conjecture: or we could enforce
> +backtracking engine semantics.  Or we could guarantee no order at all
> +unless the pattern starts with "::" or some such to suppress DFAish
> +solutions.)

Are you sure you want to guarantee left-to-right starting
position order?  If there are multiple processors available, and
in a lazy context, it may be preferrable to not guarantee any
order.  Then, if one processor that starts at a later position
but which finds a match quickly while another processor starts
earlier but needs to take a lot longer to find its first match,
the lazy processing can start working on the first match found
at the earliest possible time.


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