John Macdonald writes:

> open(:file), open(:dir), open(:url), ... could be the non-dwimmy
> versions.  If you don't specify an explicit non-dwimmy base variant,
> the dwim magic makes a (preferrably appropriate) choice.

That'll make it easy for people porting PHP scripts to Perl 6 -- in
particular for those wanting to port the security hole where a CGI
parameter is used to form part of a filename opened by a script but a
malicious user can supply a URL instead and cause the program to do
things very different from what it intended.

What are the situations in which a programmer really needs to open
something but doesn't know wether that thing is a file, a directory, or
a URL?  I'm still unpersuaded this is sensible default behaviour.


[Apologies for the delay on this; I first tried to send it on April
15th, and only just spotted it failed to get through.]

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