I'm so tired of hearing how unreadable Perl is.  It's specious.  "But
if so many people think it..." Uh-uh.  Instinctive reactions can be
both universal and incorrect...and I think that's what this is.  At
least, among those who have even bothered to look into Perl instead of
just repeating FUD.  As for the rest, nothing we do to P6 will
overcome the default "Perl sucks" reaction from such bigots.  Better
to make it a powerful language with a compelling functional reason to
use it; if we succeed, we can maybe start to win back some mindshare
and undo the rep damage caused by the cgi explosion.

On 5/14/07, Thomas Wittek <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
herbert breunung schrieb:
> please make a decision for you to program in a language [..]
 > [..] try python. [..]

Oh, just because I think that they've some smart design decisions?
Why not steal them?

BTW: Why do so much people say "go away if you don't like it" instead of
being open for ideas and discussing them from a neutral point of view?

Thomas Wittek


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