As a follow-up to this thread, I discussed the matter on #perl6 with Larry today (before the thread on mutable arguments), and I learned that one of my main concerns, of inconsistency between different collection types, is not valid.,Thu&sel=126#l221

1.  Not just Array, but also Seq can typically bind to both @ and $.

2. Not just Hash, but also [Mapping,Set,Bag,Pair,etc] can bind to both % and $.

So its not just Array and Hash with the extra sigils, while everything else has only the $.

I now recommended that the Synopsis be updated to explicitly clarify such as these details, to make things less ambiguous for future readers, and they don't make the same mis-assumptions that I did about the limited scope of @ and % use.

That is, the Synopsis should explicitly state which are all the built-in types that could typically bind to each of the sigils (and everything can bind to $).

Larry thought that perhaps S02 would be the place for it.

In conclusion, I retract my previous suggestion of just using $ where we used to use @ and %.

-- Darren Duncan

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