Some additional suggestions for S02:


@@ -740,9 +740,9 @@
    Range       A pair of Ordered endpoints; gens immutables when iterated
    Set         Unordered group of values that allows no duplicates
    Bag         Unordered group of values that allows duplicates
-    Junction    Sets with additional behaviors
+    Junction    Set with additional behaviors
    Pair        Two elements that serve as key/value in a one-element Mapping
-    Mapping     Pair set with no duplicate keys
+    Mapping     Set of Pairs with no duplicate keys
    Signature   Function parameters (left-hand side of a binding)
    Capture     Function call arguments (right-hand side of a binding)
    Blob        An undifferentiated mass of bits


Also, the definitions of Pair and Mapping almost seem to be circular:
"what is a Pair?  A one-element Mapping.  What is a Mapping?  A Set of
Pairs."  Perhaps replace "Pair" with:

    Pair        Two elements that represent a key and its value

Jonathan "Dataweaver" Lang

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