> Well, yes, "Everything is an Object" is the politically correct mantra.  :)

True, but junctions aren't usually in the scope of CS PC...

OK, so let me see if I can wrap a conceptualization around this.
Logically, the type "Object" is itself a junction, that of all
possible types, while "Any" means "Any single one of the possibilities
that make up Object"; much as lowercase "any" essentially extracts the
appropriate single value from a junction.

Hmm, maybe we should just rename Object to something more generic.
There are plenty of candidates:

Indeed.  Something shorter might be nice, but I wasn't proposing a
rename.  Besides, "Top" just reeks of LDAP.  Oh, and you left out
"Root".  It being the root of the type hierarchy and all.


...which no doubt numifies to 42.

Thanks again for answering my silly questions.


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