* Smylers ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [070621 20:33]:
> Documentation, unlike code, doesn't have to be backwards compatible: if
> Perl 6.0.1 changes the API of a standard function that will break
> existing code; but if Perl 6.0.1 has documentation with a different
> structure from Perl 6.0.0, that won't break anything.

When 6.0.1 changes the doc structure, then all 6.0.0 docs are unusuable,
or need conversion.  Although this doesn't cause code breaking, it does
have maintenance and usability issues.  Don't forget that Perl code is
so compact that we (at least me) have more lines of doc than of code
in our files.

If you take documentation serious enough, you certainly do want (at least
some) backwards compatibility too.  And as much as possible automatic
consistency checks/warrants.

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