On 6/22/07, Smylers wrote:
David Green writes:
 Well, clutter like "Blah: none" seems to me to be more the fault of
 the doc-formatter for not hiding lines like that.

It's more the repetition in the lines you snipped that I really object to:

Ah. (That was sneaky of me.) I agree with that -- the older I get, the more allergic I become to typing the same thing more than once. (That's why we like Perl, for it's DRY wit!)

given the function's name, the name(s) of its parameter(s), and the short description of what it does, it's obvious what the parameter(s) are for and what it returns; repeating that information doesn't help anybody.
(It may help computers, though.)

I'm wholly in favour of some syntactic sugar so such repetition isn't necessary (which doesn't mean redefining Pod, of course, but rather coming up with some alternative that would work this way).


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