I'm a beginner of the PERL language and I have troubles in understanding a
PERL program these days. Actually I've been
confused for a long time.I hope you can look into this program and point out
the problem for me:) The program is in
the attachment.It's a bit long , but the error occured at the very

Here is the description: It's about the use of "IPC::Open2". In line 60 of
file "SearnShell.pl" a pipe is opened. The program
executes correctly until line 745 of file "SearnShell.pl" which is "my
$result = <SearchR>;". "$result" is supposed to receive a value from another
end of the pipe but it receives nothing...The other end of pipe is in line
17 of file "Control.pm" which is " while (<>) { ". It is supposed to receive
the input from line 744 of file "SearnShell.pl" and do some comparing works
and then print "OK\n" . Unfortunately, " while (<>) " receives nothing...As
a result the whole thing can not work rightly.

So I guess the problem is " while (<>) " in line 17 of file "Control.pm"
receives nothing . I don't konw why it happens and really hope you can get
me out of this confusion....



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