On 7/14/07, Mark Overmeer wrote:
[...] I sincerely hope that the summerizor is wrong:

 . in the last week, the main people who are not happy with what I've
   done have put out a document indicated what they'd like. I'm digesting
   that and I'm going to try to explain how it can be made to fit in
   with what we already have. I'm in the process of stealing as much as
   I can to result in a better whole

Both part1 and part2 of my story prove that the only thing you do NOT need to standardize in some documentation system is the markup language (like S26); you need to standardize the semantics. Merging two totally disjunct approaches: this will probably produce the worst of both, and makes no-one happy. (*) Sorry.

Well, I don't think being happy with what MarkOv and others are proposing requires being unhappy with Damian's work; I prefer to be greedy and want both options. They do address somewhat different goals, so I see what you mean about not merging them. On the other hand, you can combine almost any concepts if you find a broad enough common denominator and call that the new baseline. I hope to make some further comments regarding your proposal when I have a bit more time myself....


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