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> > . . . I have one suggestion: you might want to mention
> > the roundrobin function in the article on the zip function since
> > the two are very closely related.
> Thanks, Joe and Alberto.
> Even though the roundrobin is very closely related to zip, I think
> that mentioning it and giving an explanation would add length and
> detail to the article. I already sacrificed the trick with (@x, *) to
> extend a list and the @@() for multidimensional context, which are
> fine but too much for this piece of text.

It would certainly add length, but you could minimize the addition of
detail by using them as hooks. Maybe embed them in a special section...

For the Gearheads....

  We won't bore you with excess details, but for more info on the trick
  with (@x, *) to extend a list and the @@() for multidimensional
  context, c.f. .....

Sorry, not sure where to link off the top of my head, but if anyone
thinks it's a good idea I'll look it up on request.

> Well, it's kind of hard to keep these articles small and interesting.
> Maybe this stuff can find their way in later articles.

Personally, I'm a bit behind on my P6, but I think this is a good idea.

I'd be happy to contribute something, and though my time is short like
everyone's these days, please feel free to contact me here or offline
with requests or suggestions. If you like, I could even try to
ghost-write an article or three. I'll go look over the list and see if
there's anything I feel competent to work with (but feel free to tell
I'm a schmuck and I shouldn't bother if I don't post more. =o)

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