On 10/7/07, Mark J. Reed <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I would argue for disallowing the all-jammed-together case, lest we
> run into longest-match arguments where "foobar:baz" is "foobar: baz"
> but "foo:barbaz" is "foo :barbaz".  Yuck.

Uh, that doesn't make sense.  Longest match arguments are leftmost, so
if you consider the indirect object : to be part of the variable
before it (I wouldn't), then you would always get the "foobar: baz" /
"foo: barbaz" interpretation.

I don't know about the all jammed together case, but mangle $foo : a
is not ambiguous because : a is not a pair: there is no whitespace
allowed between the colon and the name on that style of pair.


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