James Fuller writes:

> my claim is that XML is significantly common place,

Yes, but the question isn't whether it's common place _now_ -- but
whether it still will be in a couple of decades time.

We know from experience that adding some modules to Perl 5 a decade ago
is now a maintenance burden, for modules that aren't now common place.
We don't want to repeat that mistake.

> > to the core, you would have to be better at making predictions than
> > those who added modules to Perl 5.  _Are_ you better at such
> > predictions?  What evidence have you got for that?
> the only evidence I have is anecdotal.

OK then.  But why do you _think_ you are better at making predictions?

> > When XHTML1 launched did you correctly predict that XHTML2 would
> > turn into an ignored project that no web-browser vendors are
> > interested in implementing, and that instead they would be
> > implementing HTML5, a language based on HTML4 that encourages
> > authors not to bother with XML?
> no, I didn't predict this ... but this is not really a valid analogy,

It wasn't supposed to be an analogy; it was supposed to be events which
seem to directly contradict your prediction.

> I am not predicting XML usage

In a previous message you said:

  I can only see more XML for all of us.

That looks entirely like a prediction to me.

> ..... I am sure there is a silent majority of perl users who interact
> with XML on a regular basis ....

Many of us aren't.  Or aren't sure there will be in 2 decades.

> but yes I agree it is impossible for me to prove ;)

Quite.  It isn't that I'm predicting XML _won't_ be around in 2 decades;
it's that none of us can be sure that it will be.  So it's being left

That doesn't mean that there won't be an XML parser in commonly
encountered Perl distributions.  Look at what Adam Kennedy is currently
doing with Strawberry Perl, as an example.

> my point is if we should have some bits in the core which I see as
> being an advantage over other languages;

Ah, well that's where you've seriously misunderstood the situation, I'm

The deal here is that we have bits in the core which _Larry_ sees as
being advantageous over other languages!  (And the rest of us tag along
because we like the decisions he makes.)


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