Michael G Schwern skribis 2007-12-21 19:21 (-0800):
> Normally I'd go on the side of the reader and say yes, when writing code you
> should be picky about what quotes you use.  But in this case I find that, on
> the writing side, I find it a common annoyance when I chuck a variable into a
> string and then only realize afterwards that it's not interpolating.  On the
> reading side, I find visually scanning for $ in strings easy and I guess I
> assume everyone else does, too.

Just to add nothing to the discussion: I find double quotes without
interpolation annoying, but only when I'm reading code without
syntax highlighting. Whenever I read code with syntax highlighting that
makes the interpolated variables stand out, it's no issue at all.

I tend to write "" first, and then change them to '' when getting close
to releasing the code. Unpaid non-opensource code usually stays at ""...

My excuse is growing up with BASIC.
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