On Tue, Jan 22, 2008 at 07:47:15PM -0500, Mark J. Reed wrote:
: Wait.  There are two different phases called START and BEGIN?  That's
: going to be a little confusing.... Which one comes first?
: Are there both END and STOP phases as well?

BEGIN/CHECK/INIT/END are just as in Perl 5.  For the rest, see:


In short, closure blocks *typically* happen in this order:

    BEGIN (right now at compile time)
    UNITCHECK (at end of this compilation unit)
    CHECK (at end of main compilation)
       (compile time finishes)
       ...time passes...
       (run time starts)
        (main starts running)
    ENTER (every block entry)
    START (first time through only)
    LEAVE (every block exit)
        (main finishes running)

See S04 for when the other more specialized closure blocks get called.


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