Moritz Lenz wrote:
>  I noticed that in larger grammars (like and many PGE grammars in
>  the parrot repo) string literals are always quoted for clarity
>  regex foo {
>     'literal' <subregex>
>  }
>  Since I think this is a good idea, we could just as well enforce that, and
>  drop the <...> around method/regex calls:
>  regex foo {
>     'literal' subregex
>  }
>  This way we'll approximate "normal" Perl 6 syntax, and maybe even improve
>  huffman coding.
>  I guess such a syntax wouldn't be acceptible in short regexes, which are
>  typically written as m/.../, rx/.../ or s[...][..], so we could preseve
>  the old syntax for these regexes.

Nitpick: s[...][..] isn't valid syntax anymore; the correct P6
equivalent is s[...] = qq[..], for reasons that were hashed out on
this list some time ago.  However, s/.../../ is still valid.

I'm not in favor of the so-called "short forms" having a different
syntax from the "long forms", and I personally like the current syntax
for both.  That said, all's fair if you predeclare: I could see
someone creating a module that allows you to tweak the regex syntax in
a manner similar to what you're proposing, if there's enough of a
demand for it.

Jonathan "Dataweaver" Lang

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