On Thu, Mar 20, 2008 at 05:06:00PM +0100, TSa wrote:
> BTW, do we have a unary multiplikative inversion operator?
> That is 1/ as prefix or **-1 as postfix?

Well, 1/ looks like a pretty good prefix. :)

Except it's not really first class.  This ain't Haskell...

As for **-1, I'd suspect that of being more approximative
than the corresponding division on some architectures.

> Perhaps .inv as method?

I imagine most non-mathematicians would go more for .recip or some

> Do we have .neg for additive inversion?

We currently have $num.prefix:<-> which is admittedly a bit unwieldy.

But it's difficult to extend that syntax to reciprocal, since


doesn't work because the args are in the wrong order.  If someone *did*
define prefix:<1/> then you could say:


though that probably screws up precedence somehow.

> But you can't mix the two concepts!

Indeed, to the first approximation, the parser pays no attention to
the types, and multiple dispatch pays no attention to the syntax.


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